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My goal is to create compelling visual art, to tell stories that inspire, and build content that conveys an authentic voice for brands.


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"One Day I'll Fly Away."

Contemporary Dance Video

Collaborative efforts include: Cinematography by cottonbro Editing & Post-Production by Brown Eyed Girl Prod. Featuring "One Day I'll Fly Away" by Vaults

"Joke's On You"

Fashion Music Video

Collaborative efforts include:

Cinematography by cottonbro

Editing & post-production by Brown Eyed Girl Prod.

Featuring "Joke's On You" by Charolette Lawrence 

  This video is meant to acknowledge OUR struggle. Acknowledge the pain, loss, and fear we've all faced during this time.

  Dedicating this to all of us in the world taken from the reality we know and placed in a nightmare, though most of all appreciating those who are in the front lines working constantly to put this to an end:

First responders

Healthcare workers

Medical Staff

Victims of Covid-19

Vaccination Volunteers

& all Essential Workers holding our world together.

Collaborative efforts include:

Main photos found at

Editing & Post-Production by Brown Eyed Girl Prod.

Featuring "Knocking on Heavens Door " covered by RAIGN

   This tribute I created depicting the BLM movement during the presidential election in 2020. Since the murder trial of Derek Chauvin is currently underway I've decided to share this old creation. I fully support and join the demand for justice for minorities discriminated against by the police through the use of excessive force resulting in death or other senseless harm. #Saytheirnames

Collaborative efforts include:

Main photos found at

Editing & Post-Production by Brown Eyed Girl Prod.

Featuring "Warriors" by Imagine Dragons

About me

  I started working with a camera, practically as soon as I could hold one and after discovering iMovie on my mother's mac it was game over. I wrote, directed, and produced my first movie in the 3rd grade casting my family pets in leading roles, even dubbing in the voices of my parents, sister, and grandmother. Since then, I've taken every chance I get to create cinematic projects to improve my abilities.

  Those excursions have led to many wonderful adventures including multiple choreographed dance videos with my younger sister, assisting in commercial shoots which led to, me becoming an apprentice to a freelance photographer. My then mentor provided me even more learning opportunities such as covering events, fashion shows, and real estate.

  Also during this time, I created a client base of friends, and family, doing portraits, senior sessions, weddings, and even editorial style shoots. After graduating high school I proceeded into Austin School of Film learning even more about the platforms I had until then been self-taught on. I soon was able to certify my experience in Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and more! I even took additional classes in various types of film and photography, only sealing my love for the art further. 

  Once done with school I took a trip to West Texas to collaborate with a local Youtuber and photographer where I enjoyed time in a studio environment assisting in a Holiday themed shoot with couples, families, and newborns. During my down-time, I edited Youtube videos for other creators I recently collaborated with keeping their weekly upload schedule tight. 

  It was after I returned home I decided to brand myself and build my own business. I created Brown Eyed Girl Productions in 2017 and the experiences since have only further contributed to blossoming my brand. Looking back, I started working with a camera since I could hold one, and I guess I just never put it down.

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Contact Me

Available for on-site shoots in various Texas locations around Austin, & San Antonio, as well as surrounding areas.

Content creation including graphic design, video & photo editing always available remotely. Hirable for freelance one-time gigs, in addition to longterm projects. | email:

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Thanks for reaching out!

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